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    • Tovatec Torch – Fusion 1050


      The Fusion 1050 is a great all-around dive light with its adjustable 12˚ » 100˚ beam angle and 1050 lumen output. This midsized light is small enough to fit in your BCD pocket as a backup or powerful enough to be used as a primary light and versatile enough to be used as a video light. With the adjustable beam angle you can add an adapter to your camera tray arm and turn your light into a 180˚ video light. Includes lanyard, 18650 Li-ion battery, charger, USB cable and padded case.

    • Tovatec Torch – Fusion 1500


      The Fusion 1500 provides an amazing amount of light for any dive whether you are diving on a wreck, in a cave or just drifting along a reef. Put the light in video mode by simply attaching your light to one of our camera tray arms, then sliding your lens to 100° beam angle.

      Accepts either AA alkaline batteries (not included) or lithium-ion rechargeable battery.Includes lanyard, 26650 Li-ion battery, charger, USB cable and padded case.

    • Tovatec Torch – Fusion 400


      The Fusion 400 is a small light with all the big light features.

      The big light features include adjustable beam angle 12 ̊ » 100 ̊, pressure safety valve, 4-way visual battery charge indicator (green = full • yellow = half • red = low), and removable head all in a small package with a 400 lumen output.

      This light is a great backup or as your companion during the day to poke into holes or under a ledge. The Fusion 400 is a must for any diver. Includes lanyard, 14500 Li-ion battery, charger, USB cable and padded case.

      Accepts either AA alkaline batteries (not included) or Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Only use 2 AA batteries with the extension piece, DO NOT use 2 x 14500 batteries with this piece.

    • Tovatec Torch – Optical Filter System for MERA 1080


      Most divers know that color is lost as you descend deeper into the water. Reds disappear and videos/ photos can look faded and too blue.

      Our optical filter system instantly corrects colors for beautiful pictures and videos (can be used with or without the MERA’s 1000 lumen video light).

      The system includes two underwater color filters for primary and green-water dives in a re-useable zippered case. The system is made with optical grade materials to withstand the rigors of diving.

    • Tovatec Torch – Search Ligt


      Beefy design, scalloped bezel and Super Bright 800 lumen concentrated beam combine for unmatched performance options. Search Light is waterproof to 400 ft / 122 meters. (Important: to maintain waterproof seal, be sure to clean and remove debris from O-rings and lightly apply silicone grease before use. Click to go to Flashlight FAQ for more information on maintaining yo

    • Tovatec Torch – Sport Light System 250 Lumen


      The LED Sports Lighting System from Intova is an LED light head and battery pack compatible with a range of gear and useful for many applications. Utilizing the Intova camera mount, the light system can work as a bike light, headlamp, helmet light, underwater camera light or stand alone light.

    • Tovatec Torch Acc – Adaptor for Facemask


      Allows you to mount lights onto mask strap. Includes 2 Mask Adapters

    • Tovatec Torch Acc – Flex Arms 18 cm


      Full flexibility, plastic construction is resistant to rust or corrosion. Will work with most base tray systems.

    • Tovatec Torch Acc – Flex Arms 30 cm


      Full flexibility, plastic construction is resistant to rust or corrosion. Will work with most base tray systems.

    • Tovatec Torch Acc – Fusion 530 Adaptor


      Fusion 1050/530 LIGHT ADAPTER – Allows light to fit onto a tray arm to use as a video light.

    • Tovatec Torch Acc – Stay Slim w Flex Arm


      For mounting camera strobes or video lights.

    • Tovatec Torch Acc – Universal Hand Strap


      The universal hand strap fits all our new Fusion 1500/1050/400 lights, Sports Tac, Compact, Ultra III, IFL WA Zoom-R, IFL660-R, or lights up to 2” diameter.

    • Tovatec Torch Accessories – Adaptor Mini


      The Torch Adapter Mini enables you to turn your Tovatec IMINI torch into an underwater video light. It allows your torch to be attached to a Flex Arm (model# FA18 or FA30) for greater maneuverability while capturing video with a camera. These flex arms offer full flexibility for a variety of underwater lighting system mounting options.

    • Tovatec Torch Accessories – Beacon Canister Kit


      Allows your Beacon Light to be converted to a canister light.  Kit comes with battery holster, canister light power cable, adjustable hand/wrist strap and Goodman handle.

    • Tovatec Torch Camera – Mera CAT B


      Taking photographs and video underwater can capture a lasting memory. It can also be complicated. Not only do you have to buy cameras, lights, trays and arms, but those items are bulky, difficult to align, and hard to maneuver around both above and below water. Not to mention that it can be difficult to enjoy a dive with both hands operating a camera. Say goodbye to complications and difficulties… Tovatec has combined a proprietary, high-definition camera and light into a single unit. We have engineered the camera and light to work seamlessly to take simple and beautiful photographs and videos under water.

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