• Apeks MTX-RC Octopus


      The Apeks MTR-X Octo is the hi-vis alternate air source for the MTXR Regulator. Built to the same Standards as the MTX R but in a bright yellow color to be easily seen when needed. The robust […]

    • Leg3nd Octopus


      The LEG3ND Octopus is the perfect compliment to the Legend regulator family. The high-visibility yellow color makes it easy to find when it’s needed most, while the pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth, easy breathing. A venturi switch helps prevent free-flow at the surface. The opening effort is pre-set in a fixed position so the diver doesn’t have to worry about adjusting the regulator during the dive. Excellent cold-water performance due to highly efficient heat exchanger surrounding the valve.

    • Mares Octo – Dual


      This medium-sized octopus made of techno polymer features an oversized purge button made of soft material so that it is easy to push. With a VAD system and Fluid Dynamic Deflector it offers natural, effortless breathing.

    • Mares Octo – Rover


      Mares Rover Octopus – DC Pack (MOQ 6pcs)

    • Mares Octo – SXS


      The SXS Octopus is the new, ultra-compact octopus from Mares and one of the most compact on the market. It is ideal for divers who travel or for those looking for lighter equipment.

      A great octopus that is lightweight, versatile and offers exceptional performance.

    • Mikron Octopus


      Whether you own a Mikron regulator or not, this travel-friendly octopus is the one you want to take on your next dive trip.

    • Poseidon Octo – Cyklon 5000


      Only through years and years of use by divers around the world can a regulator truly find its limits. Poseidon’s Cyklon has been put to the test for over six decades. Through continuous and gradual improvements, the Cyklon guarantees the highest performance under all circumstances.

    • Poseidon Octo – Xstream Black


      The regulator of choice for the most formidable of divers. The XStream works with air, nitrox, trimix or 100% oxygen. Certified for use down to 200 m / 656 ft, this regulator never quits, giving it the honoured place as the US Navy’s, US Coastguard’s and the NYPD’s prefered regulator. There is no other way to put it, the Xstream has earned its name.

    • Tusa Octo – SS0001


      The SS0001 safe-second has a lightweight and compact composite case design and allows for both left and right hand configuration. The SS0001 features a venturi adjustment lever for easier breathing and an ortho-conscious mouthpiece.

    • Tusa Octo – SS0007


      The TUSA SS0007 Octo/Safe Second Stage regulator is an ideal accessory for any regulator. The light weight, durable second stage is built to withstand heavy use while maintaining exceptional breathability.

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