• Bright Weights


      1kg Soft Weights, designed specifically for use in integrated weight pockets for perfect weight distribution.

      Square & robust, the old favourite!

    • Bright Weights 3.5KG Scuba Weight Vest


      Features: ECO-friendly One size fits all Marine-grade Stainless steel O-rings Computerized quad stitching Extremely comfortable Transfer weight for comfort and balance Unique bungee cord compensating mechanism Reflective strip for visibility Non-ditch-able weights What’s in the box 1 […]

    • Bright weights 500g Soft Ankle Straps


      The Bright Weights 500g Soft Ankle Straps (Pair) are under the Weights category  is available. For more info on this item of Dive Gear, please see below: A lot of divers suffer from the condition known as […]

    • Bright Weights Surface Marker Buoy- Medium


      Holds 500g slug weights Either 500g or 1kg quantum Stainless steel Carabiners Quickly clip weight to diver’s BCD Tough and durable Supplied in pairs Available in black, blue, red, yellow or pink. Weights not included. Categories Sport / Watersports / Diving / Accessories / Buoys […]



      This kit comes with 25 various size O-rings to get used on your SCUBA equipment. They are all 90 shore hard 300 bar O-rings.

    • Clip-on weight straps


      For quick adjustment of weight, fit our 500g slug weights into holsters and attach anywhere on a diver’s BCD. Making life easier for students and instructors! Sold as a pair.

    • Communicator


      Simply shake it while underwater to get the attention of divers

    • Cylinder Weights


      1.5Kg PVC coated long weights which are specially designed in conjunction with our cylinder harness, which places weight over the lung area providing the perfect buoyancy solution. This system is the real brains of Bright Weights SCUBA.

    • Flex Weights


      Bright Weights Flex Weights have been designed to fit snugly into the weight pockets of integrated BCDs. Available in 1kg weight.

    • Scuba Weight Belt And Buckle(1.5)


      Our 500g slug weights slide easily in and out of this 1.5m long weight belt. Marine grade stainless steel buckle and D ring attached ensures ease of use and quick ditching.

    • Slug weights 500g


      Our 500g plastic coated slug weights conform to your body contours and fit easily in and out of the holsters in the weight belt to ensure fine-tuned balance, buoyancy and comfort.

    • Weight integration straps


      Supplied in a pack of (2) x 6 holster straps and (2) x 2 holster straps to fit our 500g slug weights. 6 holster fits into weight pockets and 2 holster in the trim pockets of weight integration BCD’s. Total weight capacity of 8kg. (16 x 500g slug weights)

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