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The way to more endurance leads via the oxygen!


With the AMEO POWER BREATHER you will train and permanently improve your breathing with every breath.


The AMEO POWER BREATHER was  THE Next generation snorkel! With him you will experience swimming, but also snorkeling in a new dimension.

The AMEO POWER BREATHER is unique, because you always breathe in 100% fresh air through the two air channels, the D-Tubes. The intelligent valve system – consisting of the two AMEO SPEED VENTS at the upper tube ends and the membrane in the mouthpiece – clearly separates inhaling and exhaling. A normal snorkel has only one tube and the inhalation and exhalation takes place through this one tube. Often some used air remains in the snorkel tube. CO2 can form in this way, which is inhaled again and greatly reduces performance.

The patented AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM always guarantees fresh air, as the used air is breathed out directly through the intelligent mouth valve with membrane and diffuser.




The AMEO POWER BREATHER WAVE is the optimal swimming snorkel for your swimming training in the swimming pool and open water, but also for snorkeling. The WAVE-Edition with the long and short SPEED VENTS easy and FLIPnWAVE CAPS offers you all the options for perfect swimming training in the pool with flip turns or in open water, even in choppy water and slightly higher waves.

The AMEO POWER BREATHER WAVE is also ideal for open water snorkeling as the FLIPnWAVE CAPS in combination with the long ones SPEED VENTS easy L are perfect for the somewhat unpredictable conditions in open water.




The AMEO POWER BREATHER is a training device that demands and promotes intensive and improved breathing. Correct breathing is trained with every breath thanks to the patented valve technology and is thus permanently improved. Optimal breathing is an important key to increased performance and therefore better and easier swimming.

The AMEO POWER BREATHER WAVE offers you the accessories so that you are well equipped in open water and when turning. The AMEO SPEED VENTS easy S are in combination with the AMEO FLIPnWAVE CAPS perfect for turning in the pool. The AMEO SPEED VENTS easy L are in combination with the AMEO FLIPnWAVE CAPS perfect for open water swimming, even in higher waves.

While swimming with AMEO POWER BREATHER you can fully concentrate on the rhythm of your movements without having to turn your head, without swallowing water, without the annoying blowing out of the snorkel.

Freestyle swimming: Here the rotational movement of the head for breathing is omitted. Your neck and head lie relaxed in the water while you swim over the AMEO POWER BREATHER inhale and exhale intensively through your mouth.

breaststroke: No lifting of the head here. Your neck and head lie relaxed in the water while you swim over the AMEO POWER BREATHER inhale and exhale intensively through your mouth.

Dolphin Swimming: No lifting of the head here. Your neck and head lie relaxed in the water while you swim over the AMEO POWER BREATHER inhale and exhale intensively through your mouth.




The AMEO POWER BREATHER is the only snorkel with which you always breathe 100% fresh air. You will enjoy the advantages of the 100% FRESH AIR system, especially when snorkeling with little physical exertion and a rather low pulse. Even after long snorkeling sessions you will be fresh and focused because you breathe 100% fresh air with every breath.

With the AMEO POWER BREATHER you can descend and emerge again without having to blow it out with pressure, because the patented valves, the AMEO SPEED VENTS protect against the ingress of water and allow possible water to escape automatically during long and deep dives via natural exhalation. So you can immediately breathe in again on the surface.

When you surface or from the first breath, the patented one takes care of you AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM through the 2 snorkel tubes, the D-TUBES, always with fresh, oxygen-rich air.


PERFECT FIT thanks to the TWIST-LOCK system


The AMEO POWER BREATHER fits perfectly on every head shape. With the high quality TWIST LOCK system it is individually adjustable, so it sits very comfortably and securely without restricting your movements. The continuously adjustable EASY FIT AIR JUNCTION of the mouthpiece guarantees the best, individual fit to almost any head shape.


Optimize your wearing comfort with the right mouthpiece: With the AMEO MOUTHPIECE SOFT you will be offered an extra soft mouthpiece, which is ideal if you have sensitive teeth or a narrow jaw, for example. It is the same AMEO MOUTHPIECE SOFT ideal for people who are a bit more sensitive to gag stimuli.

The AMEO POWER BREATHER was  Auch Suitable for children from around 5 years of age who can already swim well and under the supervision of their parents. With the AMEO MOUTHPIECE JUNIOR we offer you an extra small mouthpiece, which is ideal for children between the ages of 5 and 10 or for people with very narrow teeth or a small oral cavity.

You can also order the REGULAR, SOFT and JUNIOR mouthpieces individually from our range of accessories.


The best COLOR COMBINATION for you


The color combination WHITE/BLUE comes with the elastic, but very bite-resistant mouthpiece REGULAR delivered. The valves are in bright blue, the D TUBES in a classic white print on the D TUBES in blue, which is slightly softened.

If you want to put together your own color combination, you can use our range of accessories AMEO SPEED VENTS with different resistances (easy, medium, power) and colors, as well AMEO FLIPnWAVE CAPS order in the other colors.






1 x AMEO POWER BREATHER; white/blue with MOUTHPIECE regular (black)

2 x AMEO SPEED VENTS easy S; blue

2 x AMEO SPEED VENTS easy L; blue


1 x AMEO SOFT CASE with zip and ventilation holes for safe storage

Product data:

Product Size: 330mm x 198mm x 38mm

Product Weight: About 220g

Colour: white/blue

Packaging/Dimensions: Case 335mm x 220mm x 50mm

All important and further information can be found in the operating instructions.





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