Aqualung Fin-Phazer (WH/BL) Large

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We expect you’ll increase your skill as you progress in diving. That’s why the Phazer fin, with its revolutionary composite wave rib technology, is designed to provide balance and power for any experience level. The Phazer uses a tri-material construction and advanced water channel system to optimize energy with every kick. Made in Italy

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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  • Wave Rib TechnologyThe revolutionary side ribs are made of elastomeric rubber sections and firmer wave-shaped structures to load and release energy at precise moments during the kick cycle. The effect is a solid, powerful, yet easy kick that benefits beginners as well as expert divers.
  • Hydro Power VentWater can flow through the blade, along the channel in front of the foot pocket. This enhances efficiency, power, and stability for every diver, from student to pro.
  • Improved HydrodynamicsThe soft TPR membrane on the blade channels water for improved hydrodynamics during both the power stroke and recovery portions of the kick cycle.
  • Tri-Material Constructionwe’ve optimized every single area of the fin by using materials intentionally: the foot pocket, blade, and side ribs are made with different, specific advanced materials to give you the best performance.
  • Easy On/OffThe new bungee strap eliminates hassle on deck. A heel pad on the strap protects your foot from blisters and abrasion.
  • Wave Rib Technology Yes
    New Canalization System Yes
    Hydro Power Channel System Yes
    Silicone Bungee Strap Yes



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