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The Nateeva Keewee adult snorkeling set combines the Keewee snorkel mask with Nateeva fins and a snorkel. It is a complete set for great performance in the water.

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The Nateeva Keewee children’s snorkeling set combines the Keewee snorkel mask, Nateeva fins and a snorkel. A complete set for great performance in the water.

The Keewee children’s snorkel mask is a single lens mask. The mask has a silicone face piece that makes it perfect for long adventures in the water. The Keewee model from Mares is robust and durable. The head strap, made of elastic, makes it comfortable to wear, even with long hair. It is also extremely easy to adjust with the a sliding buckle. The field of vision is very wide thanks to the low-profile frame and the shape of the tempered glass lens.

The snorkel has a curved, ergonomic structure. The integrated snorkel holder is practical to use. The snorkel is made of silicone.

Nateeva snorkel fins have an open foot pocket. The design is innovative and the fit is soft and comfortable. Adjusting the fin is simple and intuitive: the strap offers 6 different adjustment levels for a comfortable and effective fit. This system can fit sizes 30 to 47.

The fin blade is light and responsive. The blade and foot pocket are equipped with a practical connection system which allows the fins to clip together, making them easy to transport.

The reasons for choosing the Nateeva Keewee set for children are:

• Silicone face piece
• Soft, elastic strap
• Sliding adjustment system

• Curved, ergonomic structure
• Integrated snorkel holder
• Silicone mouthpiece

• Adjustment strap without buckles
• Ultra-comfortable foot pocket
• Blade attachment system for easy transportation



Size & Colour

Blue XS, Aquamarine XS


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