Mares Soft Gear Set – Superchannel Open Heel

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Mares Mask X-Vision

The X-Vision dive mask is made of ultra-clear silicone. The nasal area has small ribs that serve to relieve pressure and make it more comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. The design is hydrodynamic and has a 20% wider field of vision than the previous version. The lenses can be replaced with optical lenses.
The strap of the X-Vision diving mask has an “X” shape. It is made of silicone to ensure the best comfort and a more secure grip.
The side buckles allow divers to quickly adjust the strap even when wearing thick gloves.

The main features of the X-Vision diving mask are:

– Ultra-clear silicone
– Hydrodynamic design
– Small ribs around the nose to relieve pressure
– 20% larger field of vision than previous version
– X-shaped silicone strap
– Optical lenses available

Mares Snorkel Ergo Flex

• Sliding swivel snorkel keeper
• Corrugated silicone hose and mouthpiece
• Exhaust valve
• Suitable for diving or extended snorkeling sessions

Mares Fin Superchannel

The Avanti Superchannel OH diving fins have a blade length that varies from 35 to 37 cm depending on the size. The fins have an open foot pocket. The three rib design allows the fins to arch during the fin stroke. The water is then channelled in the opposite direction of motion, minimising loss at the side edges of the fin. Muscle power is thus transformed into propulsive thrust.
Available in sizes S to XL, the new fins come in three colours: yellow, blue and black.
The main features of the Avanti Superchannel OH diving fins are:

– 3-channel design for more propulsion
– Standard elastic band strap
– Open anatomical foot pocket
– Robust and durable construction

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