Mares Suit – 2nd Skin Shorty Mens XS/2

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Mares 2nd Skin Shorty 1.5mm Mens

Mares’ 2nd Skin Shortie (1.5mm thick) is ideal for tropical waters. Underneath the shortie is a layer of Metalite which has a heat reflecting & retaining effect to keep you warm through body movement. The legs and extremities are made from a special  GlideSkin material and together with the neck closure plus the 0.5mm hood, create an extremely water resistant suit to provide an additional layer over a wetsuit, or worn alone for snorkelling/shallow diving.

Featuring special ergonomic shape which moves with your body and does not restrict, you will truly feel as if you are wearing a second skin. It is also an ideal option for travelling as it is very lightweight and highly durable.

8 in stock

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Mares Suit – 2nd Skin Shorty Mens XS/2


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