SSI Enriched Air Nitrox


Become an SSI Nitrox diver

As a Nitrox diver, you can increase your bottom times and safety margins, plus shorten your surface intervals – so you can spend more time diving and less time waiting! In this program, you will learn new skills and increase your diving knowledge whilst learning how to safely plan and dive with enriched air mixtures of up to 40% oxygen. Upon completion, you will earn an SSI Enriched Air Nitrox 32% or 40% certification.

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Dive Longer, Wait Less! The best benefit of Diving with Enriched Air is Diving more on the same day and for an extended time! Discover a new way of planning dives and extend your limits.


This Program teaches divers to analyze oxygen percentage of cylinders and plan dives according to the changes in oxygen in your breathing gas.

Aqua Divers Pretoria Pride ourselves in Customer Focused service. Guaranteed Quality and safety.


Maximum Participants per Class – N/A

Theory Chapters – 1 Theory Session + 1 Practical Session (Dry)

Pool Training Sessions – None

Open Water Dives – None


Requires Open Water Diver Certification* (Or can be done in conjunction to Open Water Diver Course)


Course date:

29 March, 21 June, 5 July, 2 August, 4 October, 29 November, 13 December


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