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Tusa’s Imprex Tri-Ex Fins are fins with world-class efficiency, making the most of your energy. In 1993 TUSA introduced the IMPREX fin to the market.

This fin achieves strong propulsion by combining two different materials to create an efficient water channelling action

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This next generation IMPREX Tri-Ex fin utilizes three different materials:

-First is the side rib (hard material), efficiently converting the energy of a kick into propelling power.

-Second is the blade (medium-hard material), increasing the efficiency of the water channel.

-Third is the soft pocket (soft material), enhancing the fitting comfort of the boots.

The designers expanded the blade angle theory that had produced a strong propulsion force with only a light kick.

A fin testing robot was used to do a computer analysis of the propulsion (speed) and electrical load when kicking.

Tests were also run using real divers in a water circulating pool.

After repeating these tests many times, the blade angle was set at 20 degrees, the most comfortable for the diver.

A smooth shape was also created with no level differences between the foot pocket and the blade.

This means that compared with conventional products, less initial load (energy) is required when first starting to kick.

The excellent fit and efficient transmission of energy ensures that body fatigue and air consumption is minimised.


  • Three-material construction
  • TUSA’s unique Advanced Multi-Flex Blade made from three different materials, reducing diver fatigue and air consumption for fast and powerful propulsion
  • Most of the foot pocket is covered by soft material, enhancing the fit and making it easier to put on or take off easing squeezing pain
  • TUSA patented easy-to-adjust strap with quick release buckles




X-Small (UK 3-5)


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