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Tusa Mask Paragon

Introducing the new advanced M2001S Paragon professional divers mask.  The new Paragon mask offers TUSA’s NEW Reinforced TRI-MIX frame, Freedom Technology with Fit II, and the UV 420 Lens Treatment with AR and CrystalView Optical Glass which helps you dive with eye protection and ultimate clarity.


> [NEW] TRI-MIX Frame
> [NEW] Freedom Technology with Fit II
> [NEW] UV 420 Lens Treatment + Anti-Reflective Lens + CrystalView Optical Glass
> [NEW] Angle Strap Adjustor with Side Hold
> [NEW] Offset Buckle
> Corrective lens available: MC2001SA
> Non-Reflective lens available: ML2001S
> Black Silicone: Black/Black (QB-BKA), Black/Energy Green (QB-EGA) Black/Energy Orange (QB-EOA), Black/Fishtail Blue (QB-FBA), Black/Flash Yellow (QB-FYA), Black/Metallic Dark Red (QB-MDRA), Black/Rose Pink (QB-RPA)
> White Silicone: White/White (QW-WWA)

Tusa Snorkel Elite II

The SP0101 Hyperdry Elite II snorkel combines all of the best features of TUSA’s snorkels into one. With a low-profile dry top and angled purge chamber, staying dry has never been easier.


> Low profile dry top keeps water out
> Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece for comfort and reduced jaw fatigue
> Angled purge chamber for efficient and easy clearing
> Colors: Black (BK), Cobalt Blue (CBL), Energy Green (EG), Energy Orange (EO), Fishtail Blue (FB), Flash Yellow (FY), Light Blue (LB), Moon Gold (MG), Ocean Green (OG), Pearlescent Pink (PP), Siesta Green (SG), Translucent (T)
> Black Silicone: Black/Black (QB-BK), Energy Green (QB-EG), Energy Orange (QB-EO), Black/Fishtail Blue (QB-FB), Black/Flash Yellow (QB-FY), Black/Hot Pink (QB-HP), Black/Metallic Dark Red (QB-MDR), Black/Rose Pink (QB-RP), Black/Siesta Green (QB-SG)
> White Silicone: White/White (QW-W)
> Indigo Silicone: Indigo/Indigo (QID-ID)

Tusa Fin Switch

The TUSA SF0104 Hyflex Switch is powered by PuRiMaX “Polyurethane Blade System”. The Polyurethane blade provides a quick “snappy” response to the diver’s every movement. TUSA’s unique “Vortex Generator” effectively reduces water resistance through the fin stroke normally found on traditional smooth blades. TUSA’s Multi-compound foot pocket increases power transfer to the fin blade. The TUSA Hyflex Switch is equipped with the new Universal Bungee Strap providing extraordinary comfort.


> Powered by PuRiMaX “Polyurethane Blade System”
> Vortex Generator
> Performance enhancing “Comfort Foot Pocket”
> Multi-compound foot pocket increases power transfer to the fin blade
> Standard with Universal Bungee Strap (TA0902)
> Offset Blade Design
> TUSA Hyflex System for a compact and lightweight travel package
> Color: Black (BK), Fishtail Blue (FB), Flash Yellow (FY), Metallic Dark/Red (MDR), Rose Pink (RP), White (White)
> Sizes: XS, S, M, L-XL

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