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The goggles that set the standard by reducing pressure around the eyes. A semi-hard case accessory. The V-500A Swim Goggle has a completely new structure. The straps and lenses are connected by spring-like flexible side clips enabling the system to absorb external shocks to the parts connecting the straps and eye cups. UV and Anti-fog coated lenses. Hypo-allergenic TPE seal. 3 interchangeable nosepieces.

Available with prescription premade lenses from -2.00 to -10.00 and +2.00 to +4.00 in 0.50 diopter steps in smoke lenses. To determine what power of lenses you need, read “How to read a Prescription” on our FAQ page. Or, you can order what you think you need, and you can enter your prescription in the spaces provided. We will verify if you ordered the right lenses or if we think there needs to be an adjustment, we will manually change the order to the best power for your prescription.






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